Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yen Sushi & Sake Bar

I've eaten at Yen numerous times and love their food!
When I want a nice romantic dinner with my lady, or a healthy after workout meal rich in protein, I cruise by Yen for a great dinner. (yeah, your thinking what place can possibly be good for a romantic date AND an after workout spot? well... I'm a classy after workout eater I guess...)

Here's the rundown:

We ordered a Seared Albacore Salad, a spicy tuna roll, Seafood Yaki Udon and edamame,

Oh, I ordered a Kirin too, My girl ordered Hot green tea. Can't forget the beverages!

Here's what I thought:

Seared Albacore Salad: delicious healthy salad, reasonably priced and filling.
Spicy Tuna Roll: My favorite Sushi Roll ever, simple, healthy and well, perfect!
Seafood Yaki Udon: I loved this dish as well, very fresh and the Udon noodles were cooked perfectly!
Edamame: Cooked perfectly, quite a few were very thin, but salted perfectly.

Health Factor: Eating Healthy at Yen is easy to do.
Price: Moderate ($13-$25 per plate)
Atmosphere: I love the floor to ceiling front windows, the dark wood tables and chairs, the decor is great! Downside is uncomfortable chairs inside...make sure to sit on a pillow or something geeez!!! Its like sitting on a brick wall. Also the tables inside are too low compared to their higher chairs. Backroom good for private parties.
Menu: Even if you don't like Fish you will like some of the chicken items. if you don't like RICE...you are out of luck. Eat at La Creperie.
Drink menu: Like most all of 2nd st. there is a liquor license issue... this is a beer and Wine restaurant. For good cocktails, head to Bono's.
Service: We had Amy serve us. She wasn't that great and she rarely checked up on us...even though it was slow. I expect better service on my next visit. Water glasses should not be empty for more then a minute.
PROS: Good Healthy Food, Location,Style, heated porch for the people watcher in all of us.
CONS: Uncomfortable chairs inside, slow service at times, La Creperie is its loud neighbor.
Conclusion: Go eat at YEN!


4905 E. 2nd St. Long Beach, CA 90803